King ferdinand

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Ferdinand III

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Ferdinand III

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But he also withered a succession of arguments:. Which exploration did King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain sponsor?

Spain cracks secret code on King Ferdinand's mysterious 500-year-old military letters

Bartolomeu Dias’s voyage around the Cape of Good Hope. Christopher Columbus’s voyage to Hispaniola Gil Eannes’s voyage around Cape Bojador Jacques Cartier’s voyage up the St. Lawrence River John Cabot’s voyage to Canada NextReset5/5(2).

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Ferdinand II of Aragon

Ferdinand III: Ferdinand III, king of Castile from to and of Leon from to and conqueror of the Muslim cities of Córdoba (), Jaén (), and Sevilla (). During his campaigns, Murcia submitted to his son Alfonso (later Alfonso X), and the.

Ferdinand II was king of Aragon and king of Castile from He united the Spanish kingdoms into the nation of Spain and supported Columbus's exploration.

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King ferdinand
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